Saturday, January 1, 2011

Resolution Rebellion

For many years, I have rebelled against New Year's Resolutions. I tired early in my life of setting myself up for failure by writing impossible goals, kept only through the first few weeks. A few weeks is apparently all I have strength for in my own personal resolve.

Doomed to fail, anyway, why even bother to try at all?

I also have issues with doing the expected. In some ways, I am such a sheep and I hate that, so I rebel in easier things. EVERYONE does NY's resolutions, therefore I am NOT doing NY's resolutions.

Warped, right?

But, just because something has become cliche, doesn't mean it doesn't have some inherent value. There is value in reflection. There is meaning in looking over the past year and lauding what was right and wanting to right what was wrong.

Based solely on facebook statuses (since I don't actually have a memory), the first half of the year I did pretty good. I enjoyed my children (evidenced by all the funny quotes) and was thankful for my large brood and our ability to homeschool (evidenced by Scripture and gratitude statuses). The second half I seemed to become less content with my lot in life (evidenced by snarky and complaining posts).


I still don't know if I can resolve to do anything, but here are my New Year's Intentions:

1.) I intend to pray and seek God on what He wants me to do this year with this passion for orphans that has welled up inside of me.

2.) I intend to hug more, especially my older kids. The littles beg for physical affection, but the olders need it, too.

3.) I intend to start my day in prayer, before my feet hit the floor. Committing my day to Him can only be a good thing.

4.) I intend to pray more for the challenging people in my life, instead of about them.

These are my intentions for 2011. There are only four of them and three of them involve prayer. Shouldn't be too hard, right? :)

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